At the beginning of the year, when everyone was abuzz with Pantone's declaration that 'Radiant Orchard' was the 'Colour of the Year', I thought it was slightly ridiculous. 'Radiant' and 'purple' just didn't seem to be reconcilable concepts in my eyes. However, between the violet-hued roses I picked up yesterday in NYC, Chanel's 'Lilac Sky', and an (ever increasing) collection of lilac Laduree Macaroon boxes, it looks as though I may have subconsciously changed my mind. I'm particularly enjoying the idea of lilac teamed with deep red, and Butter London's 'La Moss' Lacquer, as well as Mac's 'Russian Red' lipstick are helping me satisfy such a pairing. 

Although I don't think I'll start calling it 'Radiant Orchid' anytime soon, lilac is definitely making a come-back in my eyes. 



Although I've been exploring NYC for almost 3 months, I still feel as though I've barely scratched the surface of everything it has to offer. Brooklyn, for example, always leaves me lost within its never-ending side streets, independent boutiques, and coffee houses, so that I forever feel as though I've missed something. I have a very small 5 weeks remaining in NYC, and my aim is to finally feel as though I know the city like the back of my hand - although something tells me it's a slightly unrealistic goal. 

On a side note, this pink coat has been my constant companion now that the weather is beginning to heat up. It has just the right amount of warmth to throw over a cami, and it's cotton-candy hue always instantly brightens my mood. Serving a similar purpose, the snowflake necklace I'm wearing was a leaving gift from my group of girlfriends back in Sydney, and hasn't left my person since receiving it. It always helps serve as a reminder of home whenever the USA begins to seem slightly overwhelming! 

Wearing: coat, camisole, jeans and boots all from Zara (it appears somebody needs to forcefully ban me from entering Zara from now on). 



Sunshine yellow bras make for happy days, and are perfect to celebrate the first glimpses of spring that are finally appearing in NYC.

I hope you're all having a lovely week x



I've always had a soft spot for boys clothing. I think it may be the emphasis placed on basic stripes, colours and cuts, but I always find myself exclaiming "I just wish they made this in my size!" whenever I go shopping with my brother or Ben. Thankfully, Ben's new H&M shirt provided the perfect excuse for a bit of cross-dressing fun the other day. I really like how an oversized men's shirt can look slightly less androgynous when paired with a cropped sweater and tight jeans. 

Here's to forever borrowing boyfriends' & brothers' clothes! 

Wearing: Zara high-waist jeans, Forever 21 sweater, H&M Men's shirt. 

Photos by Ben



I still can't quite pick the 'category' of this skirt - in my eyes it has a slight 90s punk vibe about it, however I'm sure most 90s punks wouldn't agree with me on the pink colour choice. Regardless of it's questionable schoolgirl / punk / 90s mix, it is still one of my favourite vintage items. It was discovered by my mum at the Surry Hills markets in Sydney and, according to it's prior owner, used to be floor length, until she lopped it off to its now mini proportions. 

It also perfectly matched the cherry blossom trees Ben and I passed while exploring the streets of Kitsilano, Vancouver - which excited me to no end. My spring break has been spent with him over in sunny Vancouver, and it's passed all too quickly. I'm now facing only two days left until I return to the somewhat gloomy and (always) cold New Jersey, and the reality of student life again. 

Could my Summer adventures in Europe please get a move on? 

Wearing: Vintage skirt, See U Soon sweater, Zara boots (which then promptly broke 1.5 hours after taking these photos. Cheers, Zara) 


The Backpack

I normally have a very strong anti-backpack stance. I think it could be due to the nannying I've done over the years, which ultimately results in being surrounded by endless 'there-are-far-too-many-bright-colours-for-this-one-tiny-piece-of-shiny-plastic' backpacks. Consequentially, the word 'backpack' always conjured up ideas of whiny five year-olds and Dora the Explorer, rather than any kind of chic fashion choice. 

However, as with many things, practicality forced me to change my mind. After lugging around my school books for the last month in my tote bag, I decided it was finally time to give in and buy a more appropriate transportation method. Hence, the backpack. I stumbled upon this version on Etsy, and it's old-school, leather style was sufficiently 'grown-up' enough to justify purchasing it. It also has a hidden, zippered compartment on the back which will be perfect for stashing valuables whilst travelling around Europe in the Summer. Although at the moment it does look a little ridiculous with my down parka (I'm beginning to think Spring is just a made-up illusion in New Jersey), I think it will fit in perfectly at a beach in Croatia with some ripped denim, crisp white and fine, silver jewellery. 

p.s. I'd just like to confirm that I was actually wearing pants when I took this photo, even though it looks a little dubious! 


Photo Diary No. 1

I was having a quick look through my photos today, and realised there were a whole bunch that had been slowly accumulating from my NYC explorations that I'd forgotten to share! So, here's a quick snippet of the past few weeks: 

1. Views over snowy Central Park.
2. My obsession with scarfs that appear to be engulfing my face is reaching drastic proportions.
3. NYC skyline from the top of the Empire State.
4. Ben, on the Staton Island Ferry (the best, least-expensive way to see the Statue of Liberty). 
5. Blue inspiration from Prada.
6. I still can't break myself out of the habit of saying 'green' whenever it's time to cross, even though it's technically white on this side of the world
7. I haven't quite made it to the Manhattan outpost of Laduree, so these ones sufficed, for now.
8. Upper East Side.
9. On the steps of the Met. There was finally some 'skirt-appropriate' weather, even if it still required wearing two layers of thermals under my stockings.



To be honest, the train ride across the bridge to Brooklyn had me a little concerned at first. It involves a somewhat symbolic journey away from the iconic NYC skyline, and towards what appears to be a never ending wasteland of graffiti and derelict buildings. However, upon arriving, Brooklyn immediately felt like a home away from home. Scattered with small cafes, thrift shores and independent boutiques, it is essentially exactly what I'd been searching for in NYC. 

On another note, I've decided I need to stop shopping at Zara. I had an embarrassing, and slightly ironic, realisation today that while I was walking around the incredibly hipster Brooklyn streets I was dressed almost entirely in Zara - one of the largest fashion chain-stores in the world.
Maybe it's just because Zara isn't particularly accessible in Australia, or maybe it's the relatively low priced but still chic items, but I think it's safe to say I've been under a Zara-inflused haze over the last month. So, I'm starting a challenge with myself to incorporate more thrift-shopping, DIY fashion projects, and local labels in my wardrobe, along with less Zara. Wish me luck! 

Wearing: Zara coat, jeans, striped-tee and scarf, Forever 21 Jumper, Hunter wellingtons, thrifted sunglasses.