Say hello to this year's summer uniform. 

Discovered deep in the depths of my Mother's wardrobe, this Muji shirt dresses and I have fallen madly in love over the past week. As much as I hate the idea of a 'uniform' style of dressing (in the sense of wearing a similar outfit each and every day) it is alarmingly appealing as Sydney begins to warm up. Particularly as rising temperatures inevitably means rising sunscreen use. I can barely survive 15 minutes in the midday sun without turning pink, so a dress that keeps me both cool and somewhat covered is very welcomed. I'm honestly relishing in the amount of sunscreen foregone in place of shirted shoulder protection. Needless to say, this dress has barely left my back over the past 7 days, accompanying me through both exams and resulting celebratory trips to the beach. Thankfully, there's also a white version of said dress (discovered a few days later), which may just save this summer from turning into one never-ending wardrobe repeat.   

Plus, it just looks so effortlessly casual - why would you want to wear anything else when it's 40 degrees out?

Wearing: Muji shirt dress (similar herehere, and here), vintage belt (similar). 



I can honestly say I've never owned a pair of light-blue jeans in my life. Save for that one pair of acid-wash stretch flares I sported in year 9, but let's just forget that ever happened.*

My lack of light-blue jeans is due more to my fussiness over finding the perfect shade of blue, rather than any particular dislike of light-coloured denim. As such,  I was very happy to welcome this pair by Dricoper into my life. Their lightly striped, faded-blue composition combines perfectly with a crisp white cotton shirt (stolen from Ben's closet, naturally), and are also undeniably more spring appropriate than my usual horde of dark-indigo denim. I'm rather impressed with Dricoper's ability to execute the perfect amount of distress and fading upon their jeans, whilst creating utterly wearable pieces that don't make me feel like I belong in some 90s girl band. Dricoper's particular attention to  ensuring their products are produced in factories that meet the humane and ethical working condition requirements of 'WRAP' and 'SA8000' certification makes me rather proud that they're home-grown and based in Sydney. Definitely a brand ideology I can get behind.

You can read more on Dricoper's production here

Wearing: Dricoper Denim Maria Chinos (similar - I would recommend ordering a size up, as they are a thicker cotton with little stretch), Uniqulo Men's Shirt, Vintage Heels (similar). 

*However, flares are increasingly upon my radar at the moment, although I'm yet unconvinced that they look any good unless you are 5"10.  



These shorts are the kind that, even after 3 years, still make other females whip their heads around in rather a dramatic fashion and declare 'I just love your shorts'. 

Honestly, it has happened, multiple times. It's usually during night-time hours however, so perhaps such declarations of love were somewhat alcoholically fuelled. But I think they still stand. In regard to longevity, these shorts are one of my greatest purchases to date. I've rarely seen a filigree pattern so perfectly executed as on this Shakuhachi pair, which I consider a hard task, considering filigree's often negative connotations. Think too-small throw cushions, peeling wallpaper and general 'stuffiness'. Their tailored shape contrasts perfectly with the softness of a new silk Uniqlo shirt - think textures, darling - and a somewhat clashing lipstick colour. Bite Beauty's 'tropical coral' shade seems the perfect antidote to a monochrome overload, plus, it is a nice way to remind oneself that we are actually coming up to summer (as the blooming spring wall behind me hints), and perhaps it's time to step away from the all-black getups for now. 

Wearing: Shakuhachi Shorts, Uniqlo Silk Shirt, Bite Beauty 'Cin Cin' Lipstick


CIRCA 1993

A flatlay of a different kind coming at you today.

I've spent the last two weeks with my head firmly buried in endless law textbooks, where it looks like it will remain until after my November exams. Hence, I was in desperate need of some form of a creative outlet yesterday, which resulted in breaking all kinds of flatlay rules and incorporating some curves into my latest, ahem, masterpiece.

Very exciting things going down in my life currently, as you can tell.

Curved flatlays aside, I've been surviving this exam season with many cups of fresh mint tea, having Flight Facilities' new album on repeat, and a few beautiful new scents. I've always firmly stuck to natural soy wax candles, however, have lamented how it is difficult to source them outside of the occasional market stall. Circa Homes is a relatively new brand I've come across who use a natural soy  wax base and also lead-free wicks, which ticks all my slightly obsessive toxin-free requirements. They're also themed around the nostalgic scents of respective years, which I think is adorable (naturally I went for my own birth year first!). They're keeping me rather calm, relaxed and in-the-zone while I attempt to cram 500 pages of notes into my brain, which is always positive.

Circa Homes 1993 Classic Candle and 1975 Diffuser, House of Harlow Sunburst Necklace, Balenciaga Rosa Botanica rollerball, Marc Jacobs Daisy, YSL Maxcara, Assorted nailpolish from Luxe, Butter London, Chanel and Illamasqua. 



Potentially the funniest notepad of my life, brought back home for me from Paris by my brilliant parents. Please excuse the cheeky French.

Calligraphuck notepad, nail polishes from Kure Bazaar (post on these coming soon!), T2 'Sydney Breakfast' tea. 



This post marks my very first attempt at taking blog photos with a tripod and self timer. 
It's just a slight shame that I've already managed to completely alarm an innocent bystander in the process. 

Said innocent bystander was under the impression I was in fact taking photos of her on the sly. To which I was slightly bemused, as a tripod as large as a tree isn't particularly sleuth-like. But I digress, freaking-out-the-neighbours aside, I'm particularly impressed with myself that I managed to capture some relatively passable photos by running back and forth between my designated 'pose spot' and camera self-timer button. As I mark the 3rd time that a female in Ben's life has decided to take up fashion blogging (late-bloomer) I decided it was finally time to cut him a break from the the token photographer-boyfriend role, and learn how to be self-sufficient in photo taking. Although it is definitely much quicker, easier, fun and far less awkward when Ben takes photos, I am also very happy I can now take photos of my outfits for you lovely readers without bribing Ben with food, and/or coffee all the time. 

Although I am mentally preparing myself for the many more concerned innocent bystanders to come when I next take to the streets of my neighbourhood armed with a tripod and self-timer. 

Wearing: Muji shirt (similar), Bec & Bridge shorts (similar), Gorman loafers (similar), Prada Saffiano Tote. 



 A healthy dose of #sweaterporn for your Friday midday reading. 
(If you're already confused, I advise you read this post before continuing.)

It seems that as Australia marches towards summer, I'm still firmly stuck in winter's past. Which makes absolutely no sense given I swore off cold-weathered climates after my too-long stint in NYC's polar vortex. But, for whatever reason, I still can't seem to put down cardigans - long, oversized, grey ones at that. They just look so perfect all off-shouldered and scrunched up at the elbows - and this one even has side splits to add an extra dose of serious #sweaterporn excitement. It was a perfect companion for Ben and I's road trip last weekend, involving breakfast in Bowral (gluten free crepes!), antique exploring, beach frolicking and sunset watching on the drive home.

But, back to the important topic of cardigan side splits - I'm finding it's just the right amount of side exposure to involve a bit of texture play. I love how these silk shorts look peeking through heavy wool, and leather is the next texture on my list to be teamed with this beauty. It's just a slight shame that I have, oh, a week to maximise it's cardigan goodness before it's far too hot to even contemplate wearing multiple layers. I hope all you sydney-siders had a good weekend, and all the readers in the Northern Hemisphere heading into Autumn / Fall, go forth and have great sweater adventures.

Wearing: Shorts from Arrabella Ramsay (similar), Joseph cardigan, Silk cami from Gilt (similar)



A 'leather tee-shirt' is surely an oxymoron. 

For me, a tee provides comfort, ease and flexibility - easy to style, and simple to 'throw-on-and-go'. Unfortunately, make it in leather and it becomes the exact opposite of those notions. Although I've loved this Lover tee since the day it entered my life 6 months ago, it's taken me the same length of time to wrap my mind around how on earth to wear it successfully. 

For future reference, a hot, summers day is definitely not one of those times. 

Hot, stuffy and sweaty was how I found myself when I attempted to wear this top out last week. Which in hindsight makes perfect sense because, after all, leather isn't exactly the most breathable of fabrics. Next time this little number gets a trip out of the house, it will definitely be in cooler weather. Ventilation issues aside - I love the unexpectedness of wearing leather on the upper body. The different texture and shape leather gives a tee-shirt is a nice change from my cotton variants. I'm even contemplating pairing it with my baby-pink leather skirt (pictured in this post) for a double-leather idea. Thoughts? 

Wearing: Leather Tee by Lover, Stripe Shorts by Zara, Loafers by Miu Miu 

Photos by Ben. 



Talk about sweater weather appropriate. Acne Studios, you've done it again. 

I think #sweaterporn should be a thing. Just to clarify, I intend it to be in the same league as #foodporn, #cloudporn, #natureporn and other such hashtags - not, you know, porn featuring sweaters. That's definitely not what we're going for here. The start of #sweaterporn seems only appropriate given that my instagram feed is forever dominated by photos of oversized knitted sweaters nonchalantly pushed up at the sleeves (#knitrolls, anyone?) or artfully folded and placed on crumpled bedsheets.  My first foray into such sweater appreciation occurred a few days ago, with the arrival of a rather exciting package in the post. Seriously oversized, and seriously fluffy, this Acne Studio's cardigan is the first of its kind to enter my life, and my word, I'm glad it has. It's a bit of a shame that it's actually my mum's, and thus has only been temporarily loaned to me for this post. But hey, it's the closest I've ever come to Acne, so I think it still counts.

On a different tangent, there have been a few very exciting life updates over the past week. Firstly, I'm now interning over at Suboo, which is both incredibly fun and utterly exhausting, as it's my first experience with 9:00am to 6:00pm work. Hopefully I'll be able to share a little more insight into my internship experiences in time. Secondly, I've finally upgraded my camera equipment - I'm now shooting on a Nikkon DSLR, which will hopefully make for more exciting blog photo opportunities once I suss out how to properly use it in manual!



If I may be so bold as to say, I think my hair is having a particularly successful 'Kate Middleton' moment in these photos. 

Hair triumphs aside, this is a super speedy post to have a quick chat about two of my current favourite pieces. This leather jacket is from the brand Leonard St, whose store I briefly visited last year when I had a few spare hours in Melbourne. Yes, only hours, it was like the shopping equivalent of the Amazing Race. I'm convinced it's my 'one true love' in leather jacket form. It's cropped perfectly and isn't too overwhelming, meaning it's just as suited for light summer dresses as it is for winter layers, an aspect very welcome in Sydney's unpredictable weather. The lace top is vintage, picked up from the Surry Hill markets. I have about 3 other vintage variants on the same idea, however this one is by far the winner. It has just the right amount of exposed skin to lace ratio to be cheeky, without leaving me feeling naked (always a plus). I usually tend towards vintage options when I'm shopping for lace pieces, because the heavy cotton lace is far nicer in my eyes than their often polyester modern equivalents. 

Wearing: Leonard Street Rizzo Jacket, vintage top (similar).



The result of a few spare hours on a wednesday - diagonal flatly fun.

Pictured: Grown Alchemist hand cream and conditioner, YSL mascara, assorted rings by Tiffany & co, Karen Walker and Elvis et Moi, T2 teacup (similar), Balenciaga Rosabotanica rollerballMarie Stella Maris body oil in no. 72, Muse Perfumery candle, T2 Lemongrass & ginger tea, Penguin Classics 'The Getting of Wisdom', K is for Kani floral crown (similar), Chanel Le Vernis nail colour in Ming and Blue Satin, Butter London Hardwear Topcoat,  Land by Land travel candle in Peony, Illamasqua nail varnish in Muse, Cameo and Monogamous, Nautica watch (similar), Prada saffiano wallet, Bare Minerals blush, Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume, Chanel Rouge Coco lip colour in Le Baiser, Bite Beauty luminous creme lipstick in Cin Cin, handmade pony hair cross-body bag from Amsterdam, The Collective Hub Magazine. 



Put your coffee in the air like you just don't care. 

Ah, the plight of #fashionbloggers. I probably reached an all-time low last week after Ben and I picked up some coffees from the beach near our house. I've been rather obsessed by these anchor-printed takeaway cups, and spent approximately ten minutes attempting to take a decent photo to adequately convey their cuteness. The cup went up in the air, down on the ground, held over the sea, next to the white railing, on the railing, up, down, up, down with every combination of beach background and photo composition you could imagine. 

It was probably not the most effective use of time, considering that after all the fuss, my $4 coffee was lukewarm at best. Lest to say, I won't be doing that again. #fashionbloggers, save yourselves (and coffee heat) and learn from my mistakes. One photo, then enjoy your overpriced coffee in peace.

Moving on to a more constructive discussion - I'm really enjoying this white shirt at the moment. I picked it up in Tokyo a few years ago from Japanese company Muji for a ridiculously small price, and haven't had to buy another white shirt since. However, in rather exciting and breaking news, I've recently landed myself a fashion internship that I'm incredibly excited about. It may just be time to upgrade and expand my white shirt collection to a silk variation too. More news on this development coming soon!

Wearing: Muji shirt, Arrabella Ramsay skirt, Marc Jacobs mouse ballet flats, Prada saffiano leather bag. 



Pretty enough packaging to rival Aesop - plus it's all natural? Give me, now.

When I first started becoming interested in natural skincare, there really weren't too many options on the market. Plus, the packaging was almost always some variant on recycled brown paper with a hemp leaf stamped on it. It wasn't really my style, and definitely wasn't something you'd proudly display on your bathroom counter. Thankfully, over the last year the natural-skincare market has boomed, and I've been slightly giddy at the prospect of so many new, beautiful companies to try. 

So, here's the first - Australian company Grown Alchemist. Just have a read of their description on their website: 


If that doesn't sound absolutely perfect to you, then I'll eat my hat. I'm currently using their Hydramist + in Desert Lime and the Intensive Hand Cream in Persian Rose and Argan Extract, I'm finding the Hydramist perfect to use in the morning, in between cleansing and moisturising. Because I have quite dry skin it provides the perfect amount of 'extra' hydration, without leaving my face feeling shiny or weighed-down. I'm rather attached to using rose hip oil in the same way before I go to bed, although it leaves my face rather oily (duh) so it's been nice to find a morning alternative. I'm also smitten with their Hand Cream, possibly because the packaging is just so damn pretty. Packaging aside, it also smells like heaven, and leaves my hands feeling suitably loved throughout the day. 

Are there any other Grown Alchemist users out there? What are your thoughts on their products? 



Boring basics? Blasphemy.

There's always such a hype around our supposed need for a solid wardrobe foundation of good quality basics, however, it's a term I often shy from. For whatever reason, 'basics' is somewhat synonymous with 'boring' in my dictionary. Don't get me wrong, I'm not denying the comfort that can be found in perfectly executed minimalistic pieces, but the prospect of a wardrobe filled of them makes me a little nervous about my levels of creativity. However, over the past week I've been somewhat hypocritically wearing this striped tee (quite possibly the most quintessential of 'basic' pieces) with most outfits. Pink, a-line leather skirt? A striped tee will turn it into a fresh take on 60s mod. Blue & white striped shorts? Say hello to the perfect stripes-on-stripes clash. High-waisted jeans, pink flats and Chanel lipstick? You'll look positively Audrey Tatou, darling.  Or, you know, as Audrey Tatou as you can look whilst in Australia, on a beach, and distinctively not French. 

C'est la vie. 

The lesson learnt from my hypocritical dressing this week is that although an outfit may contain an undeniably 'basic' piece, the overall look doesn't have to be boring. Instead, the beauty is in combining basic pieces in an interesting, or even unexpected, way. 

Stay tuned, I hope to be testing out this theory a little more over the coming month. 

Wearing: H&M striped tee, Sass & Bide jeans (similar), Repetto flats, Prada bag, Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Le Baiser. 

Photos by Ben.



For a good part of 2013, the majority of the fashion world seemed consumed in an ongoing debate over whose flower-crown was bigger than whose. 

Call it a divergence from small-man syndrome, the flower crown seemed to symbolise one's fashion-prowress in a single accessory. Never mind if you were wearing a hessian-sack, if a large enough flower crown was perched upon your head, all would be forgiven.

Thankfully we've since moved past such flower-crown antics, and I personally think it's now time to re-introduce them back into our fashion-diets, slowly and with great deal self-control. After all, we all did spend a ludicrous amount of money acquiring a collection which would see us through enough festivals for the next 10 years, it seems somewhat pointless for them to sit gathering dust. Hence this little blue number - which I picked up from Rozelle markets (along with 10 others) for $2. I also have two larger versions from Sydney label K is for Kani (who also writes a gorgeous blog), and I'm somewhat relishing the opportunity to wear them out to coffee with hopefully a great deal of aplomb over the coming month. 

Now, let's remember to not become all caught up on size issues again ladies.

Wearing: flower-headband from Rozelle markets (similar), Muji coat (similar), May the Label dress (similar), Repetto flats

Photos by Ben.