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In regard to full-brand turnarounds, I think Shona Joy definitely takes the cake this year.

When I was in High School, Shona Joy was a brand you would turn to when looking for something cheap and cheerful to wear to the latest school dance. It wasn't particularly ground-breaking, nor coveted by the fashion-savvy. It was a name I'd sectioned off into my pre-18 years, never to return to.

But, evidently I have been quite undeniably, unmistakably, wrong. Throughout 2014 Shona Joy consistently delivered stunning collections characterised by signature dramatic prints, often incorporated together in an item to clash perfectly. This bustier dress is by far my favourite purchase of the year, and I am dying to get my eager hands on a few more pieces from their latest Cruise '14 collection.

If you haven't already geeked-out over Shona Joy, I suggest you stalk their online store very promptly.

Wearing: Shona Joy Impressionist Bustier Midi Dress, Prada Heels. 



There's something about off-shoulder styles that are so deliciously 90s. 

Shoulders are making appearances left, right and centre at the moment, and I'm pegging them as the new 'alternative to cleavage' for this summer. However, the current off-shoulder trend is somewhat of a milestone for me - it marks the first time in my memory that I've seen a trend become popular for the second time around. Yes, that dreaded 'don't wear trends that have already happened before in your lifetime' rule.

To which I've decided, fat chance.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm not one to become concerned over repeating trends, most probably due to my hatred of wardrobe clear outs. Unless something is definitely not going to fit you again (like, ever), or is so worn that it has absolutely no chance of revival, then it's worth keeping. Simply because you never know when something that seems hideous now will become relevant again. I have things hiding in the back of my wardrobe way back from my 15-year-old days, just waiting for another chance. Take this jumper for example. Although not specifically from the original 90s off-shoulder trend, it spent the majority of it's previous life in dance classes and is coming up to 8 years old. But just look at how perfectly it pairs with a bubblegum-pink leather mini-skirt that most certainly would not have been sported by my pubescent, dance-loving self. So next time you go for a wardrobe clear out, maybe re-think throwing out previously 'on-trend' items. Because just imagine how, when the trend swings back around in a few years time, everyone's jaws will drop when you confess you purchased the trending item well before it was popular. 8 years or so before, to be precise.

Wearing: Marnie Skillings Crop Knit Jumper, Lover Leather Skirt (similar), Vintage Heels, assorted rings from Karen Walker, Elvis et Moi, and Tiffany's and Co. 



Say hello to this year's summer uniform. 

Discovered deep in the depths of my Mother's wardrobe, this Muji shirt dresses and I have fallen madly in love over the past week. As much as I hate the idea of a 'uniform' style of dressing (in the sense of wearing a similar outfit each and every day) it is alarmingly appealing as Sydney begins to warm up. Particularly as rising temperatures inevitably means rising sunscreen use. I can barely survive 15 minutes in the midday sun without turning pink, so a dress that keeps me both cool and somewhat covered is very welcomed. I'm honestly relishing in the amount of sunscreen foregone in place of shirted shoulder protection. Needless to say, this dress has barely left my back over the past 7 days, accompanying me through both exams and resulting celebratory trips to the beach. Thankfully, there's also a white version of said dress (discovered a few days later), which may just save this summer from turning into one never-ending wardrobe repeat.   

Plus, it just looks so effortlessly casual - why would you want to wear anything else when it's 40 degrees out?

Wearing: Muji shirt dress (similar herehere, and here), vintage belt (similar). 



I can honestly say I've never owned a pair of light-blue jeans in my life. Save for that one pair of acid-wash stretch flares I sported in year 9, but let's just forget that ever happened.*

My lack of light-blue jeans is due more to my fussiness over finding the perfect shade of blue, rather than any particular dislike of light-coloured denim. As such,  I was very happy to welcome this pair by Dricoper into my life. Their lightly striped, faded-blue composition combines perfectly with a crisp white cotton shirt (stolen from Ben's closet, naturally), and are also undeniably more spring appropriate than my usual horde of dark-indigo denim. I'm rather impressed with Dricoper's ability to execute the perfect amount of distress and fading upon their jeans, whilst creating utterly wearable pieces that don't make me feel like I belong in some 90s girl band. Dricoper's particular attention to  ensuring their products are produced in factories that meet the humane and ethical working condition requirements of 'WRAP' and 'SA8000' certification makes me rather proud that they're home-grown and based in Sydney. Definitely a brand ideology I can get behind.

You can read more on Dricoper's production here

Wearing: Dricoper Denim Maria Chinos (similar - I would recommend ordering a size up, as they are a thicker cotton with little stretch), Uniqulo Men's Shirt, Vintage Heels (similar). 

*However, flares are increasingly upon my radar at the moment, although I'm yet unconvinced that they look any good unless you are 5"10.